BSBMED301B Interpret and Apply Medical Terminology – Concise version Teacher Guide Hard Copy


A 160 page spiral bound book.  See full description below.

Unit Code: BSBMED301B
Pages: 160

Table of contents:
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ISBN: 978-0-9923260-5-0
Author: Jennifer Atkins

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This teacher guide is for trainers and assessors of the unit BSBMED301B:  Interpret and Apply Medical Terminology. This unit is a core unit in BSB31107: Certificate III in Business Administration (Medical). This nationally recognised unit is part of the Business Services Training Package.

This teacher guide corresponds to the matching learner guide. The learner guide provides learners  with advanced medical terminology skills for general practice, specialist practice, hospitals and allied health environments.

It provides relevant information, practical scenarios, and industry information for the support of student learning. Learners will achieve key learning outcomes with this resource, which is written specifically for the Australian medical environment.

The teacher guide (with assessment component) contains:

  • Extensive session plans for pages up to page 126
  • Final assessment which is holistic and matching answers
  • Answers to all learner guide activities
  • Three oral revisions sheets with answers, which can be used as part of student feedback and/or assessment. These ensure learners can be assessed on listening skills only, and then respond verbally. They are also tested on their pronunciation skills.
  • A written revision sheet which is in the same format as the final written assessment. Thus it contains questions with the following headings:

    1. 1. Give the meaning of the following words
    2. 2. Write the medical terminology for the following words
    3. 3. Give the meaning of the following abbreviations and symbols
    4. 4. Using the symbols and abbreviations list, determine the meaning of the following passages
    5. 5. Rewrite the following passages using medical shorthand (symbols and abbreviations)
    6. 6. Read through the following passage and translate into non-medical (layman’s) terms

  • A written assessment, which learners perform at home. Suggested answers are provided.
  • A final assessment, with suggested answers
  • A final oral assessment, including pronunciation , with answers.
  • An alternative assessment with answers is provided. This is a simpler holistic assessment which covers all performance criteria in one assessment.
  • Mapping of competencies for learner guide and assessments,  which will reduce the workload involved with mapping of resources with the requirements of teaching nationally recognised training
  • Templates for assessment front cover, assessment plan, record of activities completed from learner guide, record of competency, and employability skills stocktake for the unit.

These resources are available as electronic downloads or hardcopy resources.

The concise version has condensed chapters for the nervous system, endocrine system, lymphatic system, urinary system and reproductive system. These chapters are theory only and do not contain medical terminology activities for students to perform. However the teacher guide is the same for both Medical Terminology learner guides.

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