BSBADM303B Medical Transcription Learner Guide [incorporating Produce Texts from Audio Transcription and Write Simple Documents]


A 176 page spiral bound book. This Medical Transcription book provides audio transcription skills specific to the medical environment. Current as of June 2014.  See full description below.

Unit Code: BSBADM303B;  BSBWRT301A
Pages: 176

Table of contents:
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ISBN: 978-0-9923259-5-4
Author: Jennifer Atkins

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The BSBADM303B learner guide introduces students to the medical environment for audio transcription. It provides relevant information, practical scenarios, and industry information for the support of student learning. This material is intended for students who have no formal background, skills or knowledge in a medical environment. It is suitable for students in a range of situations, from classroom based learning to distance education learning. This will help learners interested in establishing their career as medical receptionists, medical secretaries, or medical typists in the medical or allied health field.

This learner guide addresses the competency requirements for BSBADM303B and BSBWRT301A. It provides learners with the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to assist learners develop skills in audio typing in a medical environment, and how to transcribe dictation to produce accurate medical documents.

Learners will achieve key learning outcomes with this resource, which is written specifically for the Australian medical environment.

This learner guide is developed as a step-by-step learning guide. Learners are provided with activities to work through in each area. The following features are also contained in the resources:

  • Each performance criteria of BSBADM303B and BSBWRT301A is covered in detail, and includes practical activities to ensure competency of learners
  • Written for the Australian medical environment, in clear understandable language
  • Provides a number of Microsoft Word activities including correct letter layout, editing, formatting, proofreading, and spelling
  • Contains audio files to be transcribed into medical letters and other medical specific documents. These audio files include letters to specialists using specialty medical terms, radiology reports, glossary of words and definitions, and systems of the human body
  • At the end of each chapter there are self review questions. Students can perform these true and false questions in their own time, and check their results against the answers provided
  • In the final section of the learner guide there are 4 appendices. Appendix A contains word lists for each system in the human body. These will assist learners when audio transcribing
  • Appendix B contains the pronunciations (phonetic spelling) of key terms from each system of the body, and radiology and pathology
  • Appendix C includes three pages of common shortcut keys to assist learners
  • Appendix D provides instructions for previous versions of Microsoft Word
  • This resource meets all the requirements of  the nationally recognised training, which can be found by clicking on the following link

Table of contents for Medical Transcription Learner Guide (click to download pdf of table of contents)

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